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  1. CatWoman

    Eminem ~ Phenomenal

  2. Llévame, no importa donde Si tú me escondes Nadie nos podrá encontrar 😍❤️
  3. CatWoman

    Carol of the Bells ~ Lindsey Stirling

    Merry Xmas!!! 🎄⛄🎁💝
  4. CatWoman

    BanList **CatWoman**

    Nick-ul/Ip/Steam ID: dav&d 'VUK STEAM_1:0:1877480441 Motivul: NOSS/WALL Banat De Adminul : **CatWoman**
  5. CatWoman

    BanList **CatWoman**

    Nick-ul/Ip/Steam ID: 3L3Na Motivul: NOSS/WALL Banat De Adminul : Armura! i received that ss https://imgur.com/a/jDOzr
  6. CatWoman

    Cerere Up

    Cerere acceptata! In further I expect to see his ban list! T.C !
  7. CatWoman

    Cerere Up

    Where is his ban list? I don't see any post...for now i'm contra
  8. CatWoman

    Peter Bence ~ Thunderstruck AC/DC

  9. CatWoman

    Marta Zore ~ Le s teboj ~ Only with u

    My thought is yours. My wish goes into the world of words. My truth is yours and our world is in it. You’ve been hungry of love and you found it in me, You’ve became different, you’ve became mine. Only with you I can laugh, love, cry, only with you I am truly me. Only with you I can live in the way I wan't and the time with you stops.
  10. CatWoman

    BanList **CatWoman**

    Nick-ul/Ip/Steam ID: b!os - Motivul: NOSS/WALL Banat De Adminul : **CatWoman**
  11. CatWoman

    Cerere unban ciucalata

    amx_uban T. C.!!
  12. CatWoman

    Cerere unban ciucalata

    How can i unban u if i didn't even ban u? I banned Nagini!!
  13. CatWoman

    Cerere Up 21gmx

    Cerere acceptata! T.C !
  14. CatWoman

    Ajutati server-ul cu un BOOST

    Because of every day boost (evening boost) i have a request for admins. When on snow map join more than 12 players, it's necessary to change the map in bigger map - the best option is d2 2x2 (don't need to vote)...if after on server join even more players, don't hesitate to change the map in d2! Thx for understanding , Cat
  15. CatWoman

    Cerere Up 21gmx

    for, cuz u are active on server
  16. CatWoman

    Christina Aguilera ~ Bound To You

    I finally found my way I am bound to you ❤️
  17. CatWoman

    Adminship request - |-MeTaDoN-|

    Cerere acceptata! Šalji poruku @devil sa tvojim nickname i tvojim geslom (izmisli si neko geslo ) za slot dostup. T.C.!
  18. CatWoman

    Cerere Slot

    Cerere acceptata...  Acces obținut: Slot Please write @devil PM with nick and pass for acess. T. C.!