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    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring! ❤️

    **Married to Trx**

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  1. CatWoman

    Cerere admin robZzZ

    pro administrator
  2. CatWoman

    Upgrade oferite de catre Staff

    Nick: mpower. Grad vechi: Administrator Grad nou: Moderator Motivul: Activitate pe server+suficiente ore.
  3. CatWoman

    In This Moment ~ The Fighter

    I will not hide my face I will not fall from grace I'll walk into the fire, baby All my life I was afraid to die But now I come alive inside these flames live inside these flames ❤️
  4. CatWoman

    Reclamatie mpower

    @-v.I.p.-u have got only 2h ban, so u can join server again and we can forget on this topic... @MpowerBautVL try to be more relax on server, it's just a game @AKINCI_TÜRK next time before u take a decision in your "hands", u should talk with other admins about the problem... T. C.!!!
  5. CatWoman

    Cerere Redobandire

    Cerere Aprobată! Acces obținut : Moderator! T.C ! 
  6. CatWoman

    Suggestions for admins

    Salut toti, as you have seen in these"Quarantine" days the number of players on server got increase. That's why i suggest to all admins to be more active on server and also to take different actions to maintain server working - active. 1. To vote bigger maps (every day join on afternoon more than 15 players - to not play Snow) 2. Time to time try to not vote classic maps (assault, aztec2 etc..) 3. Timelimit - 20min (meaning to play more different maps, to keep entertain players to not get bored) 4. When u are on server try to advertise (forum, add server to favorites, cereri admin... etc) 5. Just join and have fun 😊 #stayathome #stayonGlobally
  7. CatWoman

    Cerere Redobandire

    Pro moderator
  8. CatWoman

    Cerere admin :D

  9. CatWoman

    IN THIS MOMENT ~ Adrenalize

    "Meditation nr.1" 😀🤘
  10. CatWoman


    Cerere acceptata! Acces obținut: Slot Am sa te rog sa ii trimiți pm lui @devil, cu nick și pass! T.C !
  11. CatWoman


    Pro slot
  12. CatWoman

    Cerere admin

    Cerere acceptata! Acces obținut: Administrator Am sa te rog sa ii trimiți pm lui Devil , cu nick (Cel batran) și pass! T.C !
  13. CatWoman


    What if we will vote who is for friday and who is for saturday?
  14. CatWoman


    Count me in
  15. @Trx happy bday love! 🤗❤️😘🥳🥳