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  1. paru’

    Silent Strike feat. EM44 - Control

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqTwS6wGn5E The link could not be embedded because www.youtube.com does not allow embedding of that video.
  2. paru’

    Shahmen - Luck

  3. paru’

    Taxi - Ca ei

  4. paru’

    Dr. Dre - The message

  5. paru’

    The David Beckham Statue Prank

  6. one of my favs
  7. paru’

    BanList **CatWoman**

    tro lol o lo lo lololol
  8. paru’

    BanList **CatWoman**

    electro was a good and polite waller, you should give him one more chance. [/troll]
  9. paru’

    BanList **CatWoman**

    scroll down, do your job, i'm just trolling your banlist.
  10. paru’

    Warnight 7 vs 7 !

    Team 2 winner. Felicitari! Cand mai jucam? ontopic: nu stiu daca sunt acasa weekendul asta, dar dau un raspuns sigur dupa ce se stabileste ziua si ora. Ar fi distractiv.