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    Cine sunt, cine ești, cine suntem noi? Ce am fost, ce-am rămas, suntem vechi, nu mai suntem noi. Doar o inimă am, dar ți-o dau așa. Dacă nu te mai am, n-am nevoie de ea...
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    You were always there for me The tender wind that carried me A light in the dark shining your love into my life... My world is a better place because of you ♥️
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    You and I Baby I'd rather die Without you and I
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    Dime que hago si este coranzoncito Te ha elegido a tí
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    I still believe that its still there, the other one craves for the other blinded from shinning the cold remains, icy. I'm still hiding in the dark, from false truths and it doesn't hurt what I dont know, I know it could, but it doesn't Is the place the place somewhere? whenever I hear your echo Is the end of the place somewhere? whenever I see your reflection Peru Peru For us, I know, there's paradise somewhere Where I see your reflection where I hear your echo in a new beginning, a new way. far away in the world unknown. For us, I know, there's paradise somewhere❤️
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    Yo te juro que si conmigo te vas Siempre con un beso vas a despertar
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